The UK's underground rail network and transport infrastructure is a very complex sector that requires materials and techniques tailored to its unique demans. At FLR Resin Floors we use a variety of acrylic based flooring solutions, designed to provide a vibrant, non-slip and tactile route from the turnstile right through to the platform edge.


The floor finish in warehouse and distribution centres is crucial to the “smooth” running of the facility, as any bumps, cracks or flaws in its surface can have serious consequences on the ability of lift trucks to move quickly and efficiently among the narrow racking systems.


The aerospace sector covers all aspects of sub-orbital and space flight, dealing with state-of-the art aviation and aeronautical vehicles that must be protected at all costs.


Manufacturing facilities will subject the floor area to a long list of punishing challenges on a daily basis – including physical impacts, point loading from heavy equipment and pallets, forklift truck traffic and corrosive industrial chemicals to name just a few. Despite all this abuse, it is imperative that the floor maintains a level, seamless, impervious, slip resistant, colourful and functional surface.


The thought of most car workshops and garages conjures up an image of a dirty, grimy and greasy space, cluttered with mechanical detritus and posing a variety of health and safety hazards.


A multi-storey car park is often the first part of a building that a person will see – which means that they will be forming an impression of the location before they even step inside.


The healthcare sector works around-the-clock in order to stay one step ahead of the numerous harmful viruses and diseases through rigorous cleanliness standards, global research and development programmes and the production of specialist medicines.


Within a retail environment the floor area acts as the backdrop to the products on display, making it an integral aspect of the venue’s overall image.


State-of-the-art flooring solutions are required to meet the demands of modern high-rise residential developments. The pump-applied, self levelling Isocrete Alpha Screed is ideally suited to the practical installation aspects of such large-scale constructions, as it is able to quickly provide a smooth, self-compacting surface.